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What is Marble?

Metamorphic rock, we commonly call marble, is actually a form of limestone, composed of relatively pure calcite. The name itself tells us that the rock is the result of metamorphosis of some sedimentary rocks.

Most, historically, famous types of marble are Italian, Turkish and the marble from Greece.

Marble Kitchen Worktops
We cannot be certain of just how did the marble found it`s way into our modern kitchens, but no one can disprove the fact that it brings class, elegance and beauty. Kitchen is the central place of any home, at least I think it should be since this is where you prepare the food to feed your family, and as such it deserves only the best materials.
There is a lot of debate of why you should choose marble for your kitchen worktops over the alternatives. We will try to clear any doubts and present you with the advantages of owning a marble worktop.

Even though it looks so elegant and may even seem fragile, marble is tough, tough enough to thrive in the toughest environment in your house - the kitchen.
Why do I say it is the toughest? Well, let`s face it, the kitchen is the place where the most daily activities are taking place. In addition, there is a lot of spillage, cooking oil flying all over the place, so you need a material hard enough to withstand the beating, and marble is perfect for the job.

Easy To Maintain
Marble (or granite) kitchen worktop will be the one surface in your house you will enjoy cleaning, believe me. The only material you need is some soapy water and a clean cloth, and all you need to do is give it a good wipe.
You will be amazed of how little time it will be necessary to keep it in mint condition. You will be proud of it and be able to proudly show it off to your friends.

A Touch Of Class
As we`ve said before, marble will give your kitchen that touch of elegance and class you were looking for. It's superb finish allows the color to "pop out" of the stone and dazzle you, and can even inspire you to sore to new cooking heights.

Now I understand that there are many options out there, you will be a bit confused and overwhelmed, so that is why we, at Stone Arts, are here to help. We will give you the best options and the best prices, so give us a call and give your old kitchen a makeover today!

Examples of Colours and Patterns Available in Marble